What Brand of PPF
to Choose for Your Car

SunTek / Llumar, Xpel, Stek, 3M are the best brands in the film world. What do they have in common?
Most importantly, all of these films are high-performance and high-quality. All four brands provide the highest level of vehicle protection. They are protecting paint from stones, trees, and other debris that awaits you on the road and beyond. All four films resist the appearance of defects on the surface and prevent it from burning out in the sun and creating a powerful obstacle to the troubles that can happen with the appearance of your car every day.

None of the above films is bulletproof. The protection of these films is dd for small and medium impacts. All three brands do their job well, and all have self-healing properties. We remind you that self-healing is the ability of the film to return the surface to its original smooth surface under the influence of heat, which allows the scratches to disappear on their own. In our time of technology, it is essential that any product not only serves its purpose well but also have a presentable appearance. And in this, all four brands did an excellent job. After a quality installation, they all look absolutely transparent. That is one of the reasons why other films with a lower level of transparency cannot compete with industry leaders. The key feature of the PPF in the industry is the invisibility of the product. All these films retain their clarity for a long time. Previously, previous generations of films faded in the sun and lost transparency or turned yellow after a short period. It turned out that the source of yellowing is the adhesive layer.

Development of high-quality adhesive layers eliminated This problem. All of the above films are declared as non-yellowing and preserving transparency for years. All four films are long-serving. Suntek / Llumar, Xpel, and Stek have a 10-year warranty. 3M a little less — 7 years. The difference is not significant, as usually, the owners do not keep the car for more than six years, and the film is generally getting removed before selling the vehicle. All these films have a good reputation. In case of poor maintenance, they can become worthless much faster. Anyway, has your car PPF or not, and it still needs to be regularly and adequately washed and serviced.

There are still some differences between Suntek / Llumar, Xpel, and Stek and 3M. A quick look at each product.
Suntek and Llumar are identical products sold under two Eastman brands. Both brands have widely used in ppf and tint industries and known for their high quality and application of the most advanced manufacturing technologies. They also are first to produce PPF 72 inches wide.
Xpel is the most famous brand in the ppf industry. Car owners often consider it as the only good PPF brand Due to the marketing and advertising policies of the company. Xpel is known as the first brand to create a self-healing film. This fact has played a significant role in its reputation.
3M is a pioneer, if not the creator of the entire ppf industry. The company has already developed polyurethane films for the military sector more than 40 years ago. Later the company began to use films to protect race cars. 3M is one of the leading players in the industry.
Stek, as far as we know, is a long-time on the ppf market. At the same time, this name is not widely known to the end ppf consumer. Probably because of its orientation toward providing solutions to such a giant as Toyota and Hyundai. This brand is getting wildly popular nowadays. And Stek gains its clients with high-quality technological products.
And yet, what brand of ppf is most suitable for you? It is challenging to answer this question, such as, in general, choosing any of the four brands, you will complete the tasks of high-quality protection of your car. No one has yet been able to prove which film is better than everyone else. And however, there are a few questions that you can answer when you answer yourself.
Are the film brand and its reputation essential for you?

Do you need the film to have hydrophobic properties?

Will you base your decision on the recommendations of

an installer with a good reputation?

The name of the manufacturer.

If the brand itself and the longstanding reputation are essential to you, perhaps 3M will be the first on the list. The long history of 3M and the vast resources of the company speak for themselves, without the need for advertising. Xpel is younger, but it straight focused on ppf and tints company, which have created an unbeatable brand in the industry. Suntek / Llumar and Stek developing and introducing new technologies and raising quality standards. If this is what may affect your decision, despite the relatively new names in the industry, they may determine your choice.

Unique qualities of the material.

SunTek / Llumar, Stek all of them have a hydrophobic topcoat. Xpel and 3M don't have this, or it's not the same hydrophobic level as the others are. If you're going to ceramic coat your film, this property will not form the basis for your decision. The choice also depends on how often you operate and maintain your car and where you daily keep it.

Installer recommendations.

Clear Bra in real life is a reflection of the experience and skills of the installer. You can use the best film in the world, but in the absence of a specialist's experience, get low quality in general. Also, you need to understand that even the best installers in the world cannot provide a 100% invisible result. Do not forget that ppf is a film in a roll, not a paint in a can. Nevertheless, the difference in quality and appearance between a qualified specialist and a beginner is enormous. It is best to find out what experience the installer has and how skilled he is and his place in the industry.

To sum up, using one of the leading brands SunTek / Llumar, Xpel, Stek, 3M, relying on the recommendations of a highly qualified installer, you will receive the best protection for your car and maximum satisfaction from the result.

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