Paint Protection Film
or Ceramic Coating?

People treat their cars differently. Commute solution? Luxury item? An indicator of a status? Or a fetish? How relevant is your vehicle to you? Are you worried about her look? Paint protection film or ceramic coating? What is better for your car? And what's the difference between these products?

What is a paint protection film or clear bra?

PPF is a transparent polyurethane self-adhesive, self-healing film. You can apply PPF on any painted part of a vehicle. By installing a film on a car, you protect the surface from rocks and road impacts, from scratches when washing, chemical stains, oils, acids and salts, stains from heavy water, as well as fading out in the sun.

What is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that you can apply to the surface of a car. After installation, it chemically reacts and bonds with the paint, protecting the surface of the vehicle and creating a water-repellent property. What makes the surface less vulnerable to chemical and environmental influences. Ceramic coating gives the car owner two main advantages: it helps the car stay clean for a longer time and facilitates the washing process.

What is similar in clear bra and ceramic coating?

Both products create and maintain the new look appearance of a car. Paint protection film and ceramic coating build a barrier between car surface and environment. Using any of these remedies, you will save the value of the car for a more extended period.

What is the difference between PPF and ceramic coating?

Despite their shared qualities, paint protection film and ceramic coating have decisive differences and purpose. The paint protection film is thick material, and ceramic coating is a thin chemical layer on top of vehicle paint. Ceramic coating does not protect the surface from impacts. And PPF absorbs impacts. Clear bra has self-healing quality, which allowed light scratches and swirl marks to disappear from the surface.
Most importantly, car owners should not choose between PPF and ceramic coating. You can use both for the same car. This combination of the two solutions will create an unrivaled level of protection and a stunning appearance for your vehicle for years to come.

New Car for Years to Come. Welcome Onboard

Paint protection film is what will keep your car looking new today while maintaining it's quality and appearance tomorrow.